UniFirst's Prestige Packaging Helps Keep Healthcare Costs in Check

Prestige Packaging awarded “2013 Supplier of the Year”

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VALUE-BASED MEDICATIONS – Prestige Packaging, a division of UniFirst Corporation, is helping to combat rising healthcare costs with its economically priced first-aid supplies. Prestige has been recognized as “Supplier of the Year” by Lil' Drug Store Products, Inc., a distributor of over-the-counter (OTC) medications to more than 100,000 convenience stores and retailers worldwide.

WILMINGTON, MA () - Lil' Drug Store Products, Inc., a distributor of over-the-counter (OTC) medications to more than 100,000 convenience stores and retailers worldwide, has presented Prestige Packaging, a division of UniFirst Corporation, with its “2013 Supplier of the Year” award.

“We work with great suppliers across the world, ranging in size from large multinational companies to small family operations,” said Don Chizek, Vice President of Lil' Drug operations, “and in 2013, no one surpassed Prestige Packaging's commitment to outstanding service and to supplying the highest quality (value based) OTC medications.”

Prestige Packaging provides a line of popular tablet medications and packages them in individual-dose, private label pouches for customers who supply the constantly growing consumer markets. The overall market that Prestige serves for private label medications has grown nationally by an average of 4.9 percent annually over the past four years, according to the Private Label Manufacturing Association. In comparison, the demand for national “name” brands has risen only 2.1 percent during the same period.

“We provide our customers with more than 25 different tablet formulations in paper/poly, child-resistant Mylar, or protective foil suitable for home use or work/outdoor environments,” says Prestige Vice President Todd Lewis. “But a major differentiator for us is that we also provide ancillary packaging services like graphic design work for cartons and custom private labelling for our pouches. These value-added offerings are what help us truly stand apart from others in our industry.”

Lewis said, “2013 sales increased in all channels of distribution, not only because of the inherent product quality, but because of the relative affordability of our medications during an era of ever-rising healthcare costs.” In fact, he says some of the private label brands Prestige provides are now often viewed as 'name brands' of choice because of their combined efficacy and value.

Prestige Packaging is a division of UniFirst Corporation (www.unifirst.com), a leading one-stop provider of work uniforms, facility service goods, and safety products to businesses throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Adam Soreff, Director of Marketing for UniFirst, says the Prestige approach of investing in the latest technologies to keep products and services cutting edge, as well as competitively priced, is the basic foundation for success for all UniFirst operations.

“Whether its work uniforms, facility service products, safety items, or first-aid supplies,” Soreff says, “we're always striving to enhance the bottom line value of the products and services that we deliver to our business customers. To put it another way, you could say we're in the business of eliminating customer 'headaches' – not only the physical type that Prestige's award-winning tablets can handle, but with the psychological ones that can plague businesses concerned about maintaining a positive business image in an economical fashion.”

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