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Welcome to UniFirst! As a member of the Western Equipment Dealers Association, we help you and your employees look their best through our full-service uniform programs. We also help you keep your facility looking its best with comprehensive facility service programs. Take advantage of our specially negotiated rates and benefits exclusively for Western Equipment Dealers Association members that will help you address your employee uniform and facility service needs, save you time and money, and improve your bottom line.


Getting started is easy.

Review the information below to learn more about the product and service options available for your business. When you're ready to start taking advantage of Western Equipment Dealers Association's special pricing, fill out and submit the Request More Information form to the right.

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What your UniFirst uniform and facility services program includes:


• No upfront costs or delivery charges
• High-quality, freshly laundered items always on hand

• Uniform repairs and/or replacements as needed
• Restocking of supplies — pay only for what you need

 Uniform & Workwear Programs
Uniform and Workwear Programs

Uniforms and Workwear


Image-enhancing workwear


Employee brand consistency


Low weekly fees

 Facility Service Programs
Floor Mats Programs

Floor Mats


Create a cleaner, better looking workplace


Prevent slips and falls; foot, leg, and back injuries


Cut cleaning expenses

 Facility Service Programs
Mops and Cleaning Wiper Programs

Mops and Wipers


Enables more effective cleaning of common areas


Microfiber uses 60% less water; 70% less chemicals


Cut labor expenses

 Facility Service Programs
Restroom and Paper Products Programs

Restroom and Paper Products


Service programs replenish supplies as needed


High-capacity, easy-load locking dispensers help eliminate pilferage, vandalism, and waste


About UniFirst

We've been working with businesses of all sizes for 80 years. We currently serve over 300,000 customer locations in the U.S. and Canada, and more than 2 million people go to work each day in a uniform we've cleaned and delivered. Our 260 customer service centers, five manufacturing facilities, and state-of-the-art centralized distribution center enable us to provide national resources to solve local problems. We pride ourselves on being a quality local market service provider.