Help keep your roadside crew safe and seen with high visibility uniforms and workwear

On average, over 700 fatalities occur in work zones each year.  How can you help keep your roadside workers visible in potentially dangerous construction zones?

Roadside workers outfitted in Mimix™ Hi Vis Short Sleeve Class 3 Shirts.

The use of high vis workwear rated by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) for High Visibility Safety Apparel and Accessories, is proven to help keep wearers visible along roadways, in dark conditions, and in areas where workers might be blocked by trees, traffic barriers, or construction equipment.

UniFirst understands the critical needs of roadside workers and our team of uniform experts can partner with you to help keep your crews protected and your businesses compliant with OSHA and the Federal Worker Visibility Act.

We offer a wide selection of ANSI-rated Class 1, 2, and 3 High-Viz work garments, including UniFirst-branded Spotlite LX, all of which deliver uninterrupted reflectivity to roadside workers.

For workers who need extra visibility for safety but who may not require ANSI-rated high visibility clothing, our newest enhanced visibility uniform collection Spotlite MV can help your workers stand out in style. Spotlite MV features include segmented silver reflective striping to keep workers visible in dimly lit environments; roomier cuts for mobility and freedom of movement; lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric for all-day comfort; and modern styles that workers will actually want to wear.

Our uniform experts will help you get started by:

  1. Selecting garments with the right level of protection based on their expected use settings and work activities being performed. UniFirst offers a wide selection of ANSI-rated Class 1, 2, and 3 high-viz work garments, including high-viz outerwear to help workers stay visible, safe, comfortable, and productive; high visibility shirts and high visibility pants to help ensure the right level of visibility, protection, uniformity, and comfort; and Personal Protective Equipment, such as high visibility hard hats and hi-viz safety gloves.
  1. Ensuring proper care and maintenance of hi-visibility garments. Two important features of high visibility apparel are its fluorescent background and retro-reflective material. Improper care can also diminish an item’s brilliance, reducing its safety. Through UniFirst’s fully managed uniform rental service programs, which includes industrial laundering, garment maintenance, repairs, and replacements, you can be assured that your ANSI-compliant High Visibility garments will continue to perform at their best and maintain their protective qualities.
  1. Lowering the costs of managing your own program with a full-service uniform rental program. Hundreds of businesses have trusted UniFirst to help enhance the safety of their roadside workers, including Midnight Towing & Recovery LLC in Virginia. Angela, an office manager, was looking to replace her retail High Visibility garments because of rapid wear and tear, reduced visibility, and increasing costs to maintain their own uniforms.

“The UniFirst rental program was obviously more cost-effective,” Angela said. “But more so, it also helped ease my mind. Now I can trust that our employees are constantly outfitted in the optimal High Visibility gear.”

Contact a UniFirst representative today and we’ll help you build the right high visibility uniform program for your business to help keep your teams safe and seen.

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