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Easily order, customize and manage employee uniforms

Employees wearing company branded shirts and pants
All image enhancing garments from UniFirst are available for direct purchase, along with our diverse customization options.

For companies that prefer to buy uniforms for their employees, UniFirst offers great pricing and an extensive selection through our direct purchase uniform and workwear programs.

UniFirst brands and vendorsAll our uniform rental items are available for purchase, and we supplement our core rental garments with a large selection of additional work and apparel items. Easily order, customize and manage employee uniforms. See the UniFirst Workwear Direct catalog to buy work uniforms for your company employees.

When you shop for uniforms at UniFirst, you'll be able to choose from popular UniFirst brands like UniWeave®, SofTwill®, UniWear®, and Armorex FR®, and other popular brands from trusted names like Berne, Nike, Wrangler, Red Kap, Mechanix Wear, and Fashion Seal. You can even buy work clothes that are custom designed with emblems and embroidery just for your company.

You can trust UniFirst for all your workwear needs, including industrial shirts and pants, coveralls, outerwear, corporate wear, specialized protective clothing, casual wear, ancillary products, and more.

And after you purchase uniforms from UniFirst, if you need occasional cleanings to manufacturer's specifications, we can still be counted on to meet your special laundering needs. Just ask your UniFirst representative for details.

Why buy work uniforms from UniFirst?

  • Savings over retail stores
  • More than 340,000 product SKUs
  • UniFirst and other top name brands
  • Personalization and customization
  • Gold Star Guarantee
Catalog and online ordering Telephone ordering with a 100% guarantee

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Uniform Direct Purchase Programs

Shop online or through our mail order catalogs, and choose from exclusive UniFirst brands like UniWeave®, SofTwill®, UniWear® and Armorex FR®, as well as from trusted names like Wrangler, Dickies, Nike, Berne and Lee.

  • 40,000 in-stock SKUs
  • ISO certified UniFirst manufacturing facilities
  • UniFirst and other top name brands
  • Emblems and embroidery
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Prefer to rent uniforms for your company?

Browse our online catalog and choose from work uniforms, facility service products, and safety apparel and PPE.

Conveniently customize a rental service program quote for your company.

UniFirst Online Uniform Rental Catalog
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