Outerwear, Work Coveralls, Work Jackets, Hats, and More

Functional outerwear for every occupation and season

Workers wearing uniform outerwear, coveralls, overalls, and work jackets
Your employees will be comfortable and protected wearing durable UniFirst outerwear, jackets, and hats.

UniFirst outerwear is designed specifically for on-the-job comfort and durability, with value-added features like action-back construction, quick-snap closures, and roomier cuts.

Our wide selection includes:

  • Work jackets
  • Shop coveralls and overalls
  • Shop coats
  • Hats and caps

Customized company outerwear, work jackets, and caps

Enhance your business image with our custom emblems and embroidery featuring your company name, logo, and employee names. Workers outfitted with customized work apparel become valuable “walking billboard” advertisements for your business.

Rent, lease, or buy your outerwear

You can rent, lease, or buy UniFirst work jackets, coveralls, overalls, and other corporate outerwear using a value-based program solution that fits your budget. And with our coast-to-coast service capabilities, we can meet all of your outerwear needs no matter what size your company or where your facilities are located.

For more information, call (800) 455-7654.


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