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Shop for facility services and we’ll make it easy to stock, clean, maintain, and sanitize your facility making your employees and customers happy and making you a super hero.



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Why Choose UniFirst for Facility Services?

Our facility service programs eliminate the hassles related to purchasing, stocking, and maintaining supplies and inventories on products that keep your facility hygienically clean. We manufacture our own mats, mops, and towels to ensure we’re providing you with the highest quality products at all times. Our professional laundry service means we will pick up and deliver hygienically clean product weekly. Choosing our reusable options also means you’re helping to save the planet by reducing water and energy usage.

We also offer restroom solutions including paper, soap, mats, and air fresheners. When you require cleaning solutions and disinfectants to keep your facility clean and sanitary, we’ve got you covered there too. Our service doesn’t operate on a subscription model and instead we manage your inventory for you. We’ll increase or decrease inventory levels as your needs change. There’s no up-front costs to worry about either. You’ll always have what you need and only pay for it when you need it, saving you time, money, and frustration.


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