Managed Uniform and Facility Service Programs Can Help Make Automotive

Managed Uniform and Facility Service Programs Can Help Make Automotive Businesses Shine

UniFirst automotive apparel programs help promote and protect your business.

Many businesses in automotive-related industries require work uniform and facility service programs, not only to enhance their brand image and make their facilities shine, but to also help protect workers from potential hazards that may be lurking around the workplace.

Some of the more pronounced benefits of having employees wear consistent-looking, branded uniforms as part of a managed service program are they project a more professional business image, create a more productive team atmosphere, provide an effective form of “free” advertising, and lead to more satisfying customer experiences. It’s important for front-of-the-house workers, often the first to be seen by customers, to project a winning image with clean, good-looking uniforms that leave a lasting first impression. But it’s also important for other workers to have clean, comfortable branded uniforms that go beyond first impressions by offering functionality and helping safeguard them from potential at-risk work environments.

Aside from the image-enhancing benefits, did you know that branded uniforms can also help PROTECT workers in automotive-related industries? The latest advances in fabric technology, along with the use of specialized protective fabrics, have made it possible for today’s uniforms to help safeguard workers from potential hazards that may arise, including accidental burns or injuries from minor chemical spills.

For example, workers who are exposed to flammability risks should wear uniforms made from Flame Resistant (FR) fabrics, and employees who work in vehicular traffic areas should wear uniforms that incorporate the use of reflective High Visibility materials to be more readily seen and to aid on-the-job safety. If uniforms are not appropriately protective and functional, a worker could be injured unnecessarily, leaving a business liable for the injury.

In addition to protective qualities, a work uniform should also be comfortable, especially for automotive professionals who move around all day long. If a uniform is not comfortable, a worker could be distracted from doing his or her job properly, which can obviously affect performance. In fact, new “mobility” garments are making quite a splash in the marketplace because they provide superior performance and “true” freedom of movement without sacrificing durability. Designs include work shirts and pants with scientifically determined built-in flex panels in areas where workers need it most, and offer the ultimate in mobility and comfort, so employees can bend, squat, and stretch all day without constraints.

When introducing a managed employee uniform program, businesses typically have the option of renting, leasing, or buying their customized work apparel. Most businesses choose to rent, since this option is turnkey in nature, requires no upfront costs, and leaves all the administrative headaches with the uniform provider, all for a low weekly fee per wearer. Uniform service providers deliver hygienically laundered and maintained uniforms on a regular basis, remove all soiled uniforms, routinely perform quality inspections on all garments, and automatically repair and/or replace any apparel that becomes overly worn, damaged, or ill-fitting.

Laundering uniforms with a professional industrial launderer, and away from workers’ homes, is especially important in the automotive industry since it helps offer employees a level of protection against contaminants they may inadvertently take home with them on their work clothing.

Like managed uniform programs, facility service programs can help businesses win the battle of positive perceptions with customers and employees, while also helping improve workplace safety and cleanliness. A good, consistently managed program helps eliminate hassles and lower costs associated with purchasing, stocking, cleaning, and maintaining supplies and inventories. These programs often include such items as functional floor mats, advanced microfiber cleaning products, specially formulated heavy duty hand cleaners and sanitizers (PURELL®), and ancillary restroom products like toilet paper, paper towels, and air fresheners.

In the end, managed uniform and facility services are a smart choice for automotive-related businesses that want to maintain a positive business image and help improve overall employee safety, productivity, and retention, which in turn, allows customers to consistently receive quality products and services that keep them coming back time and again.