Spotlite MV: Enhanced visibility uniforms your workers will actually want to wear

The full collection of Spotlite MV includes work shirts, polos, pants, shorts, and jackets.

Demand for workers in delivery and warehouse roles is increasing. This is due to the rising popularity of online shopping and the stabilization of supply chains.

These frontline workers are responsible for handling packages, driving vehicles, and operating machinery within their fast-paced working environments. They represent the face of your company and are responsible for delivering a positive customer experience. This is why the work uniforms they wear on the job are crucial for safety, productivity, and brand trust.

Finding uniforms for the unique needs of transportation industry workers, such as delivery drivers and warehouse workers, has been a challenge. Until now. UniFirst developed the Spotlite MV collection, an innovative workwear solution that meets your professional standards.

Spotlite MV enhanced visibility workwear combines increased mobility, enhanced visibility, and modern styling to help workers stand out on the job. This unique combination of mobility, visibility, comfort, and style is an attractive workwear alternative that employees will actually want to wear.

The Spotlite MV collection features long sleeve work shirts; crafted from durable and breathable fabrics with a range of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. Short sleeve work shirts, polos, shorts, and work pants are also available, all designed to provide a professional look with a comfortable fit.

The enhanced visibility collection is rounded out with a selection of outerwear, including jackets and vests. The variety of workwear options offers flexible choices for driver uniforms, delivery uniforms, warehouse uniforms, and other transportation uniforms.

UniFirst manufactures the Spotlite MV enhanced visibility work uniforms exclusively. We offer them as part of our uniform rental program. This program is designed to lower total costs and save time, so you can focus on your customers.

Why does your business need Spotlite MV for your workforce?

  • Unrestricted Mobility: When drivers are loading and unloading cargo and constantly on the go, their uniforms should let them move freely. Spotlite MV is constructed with stretchable, performance fabrics and purposeful tailoring to maximize mobility and comfort for active workers.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Safety should always be a top priority, especially when working in an active warehouse or while making deliveries. Workers who don’t need ANSI-compliant uniforms can increase their visibility both day and night with Spotlite MV.  This innovative silver striping features segmented reflective markings that moves with the way you work. For those who require ANSI-compliant high visibility clothing, explore our complete collection of high visibility workwear.
  • Comfortable and Efficient: Your drivers, warehouse staff, and other frontline employees work hard, so comfortable clothing is essential to keep them happy and productive. Spotlite MV offers unparalleled breathability through its built-in moisture-wicking technology to keep your team cool and dry. They will stay comfortable throughout the day, enabling them to do their work effectively.
  • Modern Style and Branding: Spotlite MV workwear features high-quality fabrics, modern designs, and comes in a variety of color options. We incorporate your corporate logos and colors to help you with your business image, instilling trust and credibility with your customers.
  • Exclusively manufactured by UniFirst: We manufacture the entire Spotlite MV collection of uniforms and workwear in our own ISO 9001-certified manufacturing plants. The ISO-9001 certification guarantees that our manufacturing processes meet stringent standards. This ensures that the products we produce are of the highest quality. Additionally, it helps us to achieve faster turnaround times.

The innovative Spotlite MV collection exclusively from UniFirst 

“Uniforms play an important role in any customer-focused business, especially those in the transportation industry. UniFirst’s uniform experts understand the safety and productivity needs of delivery drivers and warehouse workers,” said David DiFillippo, Executive Vice President of UniFirst. “We created Spotlite MV to address the unique needs of these workers. This way, they can stay safe, productive, and look great at work.”

The Spotlite MV visibility workwear collection is designed for all types of workers who need work clothing that is comfortable, durable, and stylish. The uniforms can be customized with your team’s logo, colors, and designs, and comes in a variety of sizes for both men and women to ensure everyone can find the perfect fit. It was important to include women’s styles when creating the enhanced visibility workwear collection. This was done to recognize their role and enable them to excel on the job.

Spotlite MV Innovative features include:

  • A unique segmented striping to enhance visibility in low light conditions. Traditional reflective striping is usually solid taping. The segmented striping provides wearers with increased range of motion. This allows for unparalleled mobility.
  • Lightweight breathable fabric constructed with moisture-wicking technology and an open weave keeps workers comfortable and dry throughout the workday.
  • A unique color-block design offers a stylish, contemporary option that workers will actually want to wear.
  • UniFirst manufactures high-quality garments in ISO-9001-certified facilities. This ensures that you have garments that are durable and reliable for every task.

Reduce costs and save time with a uniform rental program

UniFirst has helped more than 2 million uniform wearers reduce costs and save time managing their uniforms through customized uniform rental programs and innovative product offerings.

Our uniform experts will help you start a uniform rental program. We will help reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). This includes selecting the right uniforms, installing the program, fitting your employees, and personalizing uniforms with logos.

We will also take care of laundering, repairing, and replacing overly worn garments. We will add and delete wearers, and regularly pick up soiled garments and deliver cleaned ones.

Contact us to learn more about how Spotlite MV can help your business. We offer competitive pricing, exceptional service, and an extensive inventory.

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Your team will stand out with the new Spotlite MV Collection of enhanced visibility uniforms offered exclusively from UniFirst as part of a uniform rental program.
Your team will stand out with the new Spotlite MV Collection of enhanced visibility uniforms offered exclusively from UniFirst as part of a uniform rental program.

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