Auto mechanics at Nelson’s Certified Auto Repair in Ontario, Canada wear UniFirst uniforms

UniFirst Customer Testimonial: Our Service Separates Us from the Pack

Businesses throughout North America regularly choose UniFirst for our high-quality products and selection, whether it be for their managed uniform rental programs or ancillary facility service items.

However, customers routinely stay with UniFirst because of our “customers first” approach and unmatched, personalized services. In fact, “a customer focus” is one of UniFirst’s founding core values that we continue to follow today, and it motivates us to consistently go above and beyond to ensure the ongoing satisfaction of our 300,000-plus customers throughout the US and Canada.

One of those satisfied customers is Nelson P. of Nelson’s Certified Auto Repair, an auto-repair shop based out of Ontario, Canada. Nelson said his busy work schedule means he doesn’t have time to focus on the details of his staff’s uniforms or addressing any potential tears, stains, or any other blemishes. Without having to be asked, UniFirst’s customer service helps assure those kinds of issues are consistently addressed proactively and immediately.

“With UniFirst, everything just flows,” Nelson explained. “There’s never an interruption. It’s the service that truly separates UniFirst from the pack.”

We recently spoke with Nelson about his experience with UniFirst:

It’s been two years since you started using UniFirst for your company’s uniform needs. How would you describe your experience to date?

Fantastic. Perfect. Great. I could go on and on. Our Customer Service Representatives and Route Service Representative are awesome; they’re on top of everything. They make sure there are no defects with the uniforms, no issues with the mats and other accessories…they make it so I don’t have to worry about a thing.

When you choose UniFirst, you’ll get three dedicated service professionals working on your account at all times: a Route Service Representative, a Service Manager, and a Customer Service Representative. This not only helps ensure that you always receive the high-quality products and services that you deserve…it also means you’ll get quick resolutions regarding any concerns.

Prior to UniFirst, were you working with another uniform provider? What made you want to make the switch?

The customer service [of my previous provider] was terrible. They were unresponsive, inattentive, careless, irresponsible…you name it, they didn’t do it. We never seemed to talk with the same person, so it was difficult to make that connection, and it was difficult to make requests. There were too many headaches, and eventually I had enough.

With 260 locations from coast-to-coast, UniFirst’s team of uniform experts are ready to provide local area service and expertise wherever and whenever you need it. A simple call to your UniFirst Customer Service Representative is a quick and easy way to resolve any concern, big or small.

UniFirst has also been lauded for our customer service. We landed a spot on Newsweek’s list of America’s Best Customer Service Providers, and we earned several Stevie Awards in the Customer Service and Call Center category. We also have our own internal customer-focused service award, our most prestigious company honor: Aldo Croatti Award, recognizing our top performing Route Service Representatives who deliver the utmost in customer service excellence.

So after that experience, what were the major differences you noticed with UniFirst?

It was night and day. This might sound like lip service, but you guys are a hundred times better than our previous supplier was. Now, that’s partly due to the quality of the uniforms…I’m confident I wouldn’t be able to find better-looking or more durable offerings elsewhere.

But really, UniFirst just makes everything so easy. Having everything be perfect is like a shock to the system. You guys are very reliable.

On a weekly basis, UniFirst replaces soiled garments with freshly laundered, finished uniforms. Plus, through a rigorous 10-point garment inspection of every item weekly, we quickly identify and repair any damages (or replace if needed), assuring your uniforms are always in top condition. A cutting-edge inventory control and tracking system allows our Route Service Representatives to deliver polished uniforms directly to your employees’ lockers week in and week out, allowing your team to focus on their work instead of their workwear.

So, would you say that reliability is one of UniFirst’s greatest attributes?

Absolutely. One hundred percent. My guys are concerned about looking good and getting any rips or tears fixed ASAP. Those little things that previously went overlooked.

We’ve built our company from the ground up based on our founding Core Values: a Customer Focus, a Respect for Others, and a Commitment to Quality. We pride ourselves on assuring that every part of your service program is top-notch.

You touched on the ease and convenience that UniFirst provides. As a customer with a busy schedule, why are those qualities so important?

Those are big reasons why I recommend UniFirst regularly. Like I said, you make it so easy for all of us. Fixing uniforms, ordering new floor mats…that’s something we don’t want to deal with. You guys make it so easy, and you take all the responsibility off our backs. The transparency and responsiveness from your side is also a major bonus.

We handle all the program administration for your employee uniform programs and facility services, eliminating all the worries and headaches. From pickup to delivery and everything in between, UniFirst has it handled.

Finally, it seems that communication has been one major difference between UniFirst and your previous provider. How have your interactions been with various UniFirst Team Partners, whether it be the Sales Representative or the Route Service Representative?

“Phenomenal. Everyone is so courteous and very professional. You can tell everyone loves their jobs, and it’s reflected in their work.”

The best uniforms are of little use if they aren’t delivered on time and they aren’t looking their best. We invest significant time, effort, and resources into creating and maintaining an infrastructure that’s second to none, and it’s this emphasis on our service systems, and the responsiveness of our support team, that sets us apart from competitors.

To get a glimpse of Nelson’s Certified Auto Repair’s uniforms in action, make sure to check out their Instagram profile.

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