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Why we do what we do

Over a year ago, we unveiled our new mission statement: “To serve the people who do the hard work. Helping them succeed and deliver for what gives their lives meaning.” This statement is more than just words; it is the driving force behind everything we do.

At UniFirst, we are committed to honoring and supporting the men and women who wear uniforms every day to do their jobs. As we reflect on this powerful message, we must consider how we will continue to deliver on our mission for our customers, employees, and communities we serve.

Staying true to our core values.

Our commitment to serving hardworking individuals is deeply rooted in our founding core values of Customer Focus, Respect for Others, and Commitment to Quality. Since our founding in 1936, these values have guided us in our daily operations and are reinforced by our mission. It is a constant reminder of the importance of supporting the people who keep businesses and communities running smoothly.

Always delivering for hardworking people
We take pride in our ability to empower workers by always delivering high-quality uniforms and facility services that enhance their professional image while prioritizing safety and comfort. Our uniforms are designed to enhance employee productivity through form and function, while creating a sense of confidence and pride in their appearance through fit and styling. We understand that workers who take pride in their craft are the ones who deserve the best.

Providing exceptional service and quality.
Exceptional service is a fundamental part of our mission to serve hard-working individuals. This begins with truly understanding our customers’ businesses, their industries, and their unique requirements. We offer solutions that promote wearer comfort, productivity, and safety in challenging work environments. From selecting the right uniforms and ensuring reliable delivery, to complete management of their uniform program, our customers can depend on us for all their uniform and facility service needs. This allows our customers to concentrate on their core business operations with complete peace of mind.

Valuing our hardworking professionals.
We value our hardworking team partners who deliver a positive work environment where they can thrive as uniform experts and trusted advisors. Our team partners are professionals and are the backbone of our company. We provide award-winning training, professional growth, and a culture of respect and appreciation.

Keeping our communities up and running
Our commitment to serving hardworking people extends beyond our workplace. We actively give back to the communities where we live and work through charitable donations and volunteer efforts. Our corporate social responsibility initiatives align with our mission and values.

As we look back on our mission statement one year later, we are proud of the progress and achievements we have made in bringing it to life. There is always more work to be done. We remain dedicated to our mission and look forward to serving our customers, our team partners, and our communities for many years to come.

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