New energy services company successfully overcomes growing pains with UniFirst


In the fast-paced and competitive energy & utility industry, success hinges on delivering exceptional services and products safely and reliably. That’s why one energy services company that specializes in automation, pressure-pumping, well-testing services has quickly risen to prominence by delivering for their customers. Since their establishment in 2019, they have grown exponentially and are committed to achieving excellence in this demanding industry. Throughout these demands, they faced major challenges when it came to managing their uniform program – until they partnered with UniFirst for work uniforms for an exceptional workwear services experience.


Working with a large uniform provider previously, they had quality control issues, inventory management concerns, inaccurate billing, and communication problems. Mounting invoices with unaccounted charges caused a significant administrative burden. Overly worn and tattered garments were hurting the morale of their employees who worked in very demanding environments. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, our team of uniform experts and trusted advisors conducted a VIP Cost Analysis Program® for them. The findings enabled a swift implementation of a comprehensive custom uniform rental program designed to rectify the past problems and bring a hassle-free solution to the customer.


Our proprietary VIP Cost Analysis examined the Value, Image, and Price (VIP) they were getting from their former provider. Our analysis included an executive summary that exposed the service gaps not addressed by their previous uniform service provider. Armed with these valuable insights, we worked closely with the energy company to create a customized and comprehensive program that addressed all their needs in the most cost-effective manner.

  • ENHANCED SAFETY AND BRAND IMAGE:  We recommended work apparel suited for the energy & utility industry, this included protective garments manufactured exclusively by UniFirst ISO-9001 manufacturing facilities, such as our Armorex FR® Enhanced Visibility Coveralls, Armorex FR® Flame Resistant Work Shirts with Reflective Striping, and Armorex® FR Flame Resistant Work Pants with Reflective Striping, as well as other work apparel, including our UniWear® Permalined Jackets and Performance Crew Jackets. These apparel pieces are readily available, cutting down on install time because we manufacture our own garments and control the quality and inventory ensuring no uniform shortages.
  • TRIPLE PRO SERVICE:  We eliminated uniform program management worries. A team of three highly trained, local UniFirst service professionals were assigned to their account to holistically manage everything from uniform selection, uniform sizing, installation, and consistent pickup and deliveries. The energy company can now focus on their important work, instead of their workwear concerns.
  • AUTOMATIC MENDING AND REPAIRS:  UniFirst provides a comprehensive, 10-point inspection of every garment every time it’s processed, ensuring any needed repairs are proactively taken care of so their team can have the work garments they need exactly when they need them.
  • AUTOMATIC GARMENT REPLACEMENTS:  Service deliveries include automatic replacement of garments before they become overly worn as to impact their appearance and safety function so workers can feel protected, along with a sense of professional pride, supporting their overall productivity.
  • EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND BILLING SYSTEM: Our invoices are designed to be easily read so there are never any unclear, or unaccounted charges.


  • Reduced annual uniform program spending by $150,000
  • Helped boost employee morale as they got better quality uniforms
  • Improved service performance through our Triple Pro focus
  • 100% customer satisfaction
UniFirst RSR delivery uniforms to happy customer


Through our collaborative efforts and commitment to exceptional service, UniFirst played a pivotal role in transforming the energy company’s uniform rental program from a source of frustration to a streamlined and efficient solution. Our tailored approach not only resolved their existing work uniform challenges but also positioned them for future success in the highly competitive energy & utility industry.

If you need a uniform makeover for your business to inspire trust and confidence with your customers, contact one of our uniform experts today and get started on your business transformation.

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