Major hotel chain elevates brand image and guest experience with UniFirst uniforms


In the competitive hospitality industry, employee appearances play a crucial role in elevating a hotel’s image and striking a lasting impression with guests. One significant aspect that is underappreciated is the choice of staff uniforms. In this case study, elevating their brand image, while maximizing cost savings, is precisely what UniFirst accomplished for a globally renowned hotel chain with luxurious properties in over 100 countries.


The hotel was experiencing significant challenges with their existing uniform rental company including:

  • COMPROMISED QUALITY:  The previous provider struggled with timely garment repairs, tarnishing the hotel’s upscale image among guests and employees.
  • UNIFORM SHORTAGES:  Garment shortages were rampant, and new orders took months to fulfill. A lack of garments and uniform products adversely affected the overall employee experience.
  • INACCURATE AND INCONSISTENT BILLING:  The hotel experienced inaccurate billing, with charges and hidden fees for garments they didn’t receive.
  • POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE:  The hotel received subpar customer service from their uniform provider including lack of responsiveness and resolution.


The hotel was in search of a uniform rental company who could address their employees needs and support their mission of a great guest experience. They switched to UniFirst who implemented the following strategies to ensure consistent quality, timely delivery, and a hassle-free uniform rental experience.

  • NEW UNIFORMS: UniFirst recommended high-quality, branded, professional hospitality uniforms, including button-down collar poplin shirts and UniSport® Micro Piqué Polos for men and women. Additionally, UniWear® Mesh-Back Chef Coats, food-service shirts, customized for their brand with personalization, including logos and emblems.  Manufactured in it’s own ISO 9001 certified facilities, UniFirst could ensure quick order fulfillment and  cutting down of garment shortages. This improved the professional appearance of the employees, resulting in increased employee morale and customer impact.
  • TRY-FOR-SIZE: UniFirst conducted a disruption-free employee garment “Try-for-Size” fitting to ensure all employees were correctly fitted with quality uniforms prior to installation.
  • FAIR AND EASY-TO-READ BILLING STATEMENTS: UniFirst provided the hotel with simplified invoices clearly outlining costs and charges. This resolved billing discrepancies and improved the relationship, ultimately building trust.
  • TIMELY AND ORGANIZED DELIVERY SYSTEM: UniFirst implemented a well-organized delivery system that ensured prompt and reliable deliveries on schedule and alleviated service shortages. Our service team provided a weekly schedule with agreed-upon times for picking up soiled garments and delivering clean, fresh, repaired garments. This consistent, reliable schedule allowed the hospitality workers to always maintain a clean and upscale appearance.


The hotel’s partnership with UniFirst had a significant positive impact, including:

  • 20% COST SAVINGS: UniFirst helped the hotel chain reduce their annual spending on uniforms and workwear by more than 20%, an important benefit in the competitive hospitality industry.
  • ENHANCED BRAND IMAGE: The hotel received high quality, customized uniforms that enhanced their brand  image and contributed to increased guest satisfaction. UniFirst’s prompt service for garment maintenance and repairs ensured a great wearer appearance at all times.
  • IMPROVED SERVICE LEVELS: By streamlining inventory management and providing readily available UniFirst-manufactured uniforms and workwear, we delivered exceptional service as promised. This improved efficiency and ensured the hotel had the necessary uniforms for their staff at all times.
  • INCREASED PROFESSIONALISM: The partnership with UniFirst instilled a sense of team pride and professionalism among the hotel staff, ultimately leading to enhanced customer impact and satisfaction.

The customer experienced the UniFirst difference enabled by our Service Certified Professional teams, products, and systems; noting that we, as the new uniforms and workwear rental service provider, exceeded their expectations and those of it’s employees.

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