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Our unique combination of regular hygienic laundering service for mops, towels, and floor mats coupled with dispenser installation, maintenance and vendor managed inventory for consumable facilities supplies like restroom soaps & hand sanitizers, paper, and air fresheners means less time and money spent to keep your facility clean.

Types of facilities we serve

At UniFirst we serve all kinds of facilities with our core facilities services. Our managed floor care service programs include mats, mops, and wipers. Our managed restroom service programs include paper, soap, sanitizer, and air care. And our managed cleaning chemical dilution service programs give you the cleaning solutions needed to keep your facility clean and safe.

  • Retail & Commercial Facilities
  • Government & Institutions
  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Educational Facilities
  • Industrial & manufacturing

Custodial and Cleaning Supplies Vendor Managed Inventory

Available exclusively to our contract Facility Service Program or Uniform Rental Program customers, UniFirst delivers a wide variety of janitorial supplies under our vendor managed inventory model. Unlike online ecommerce or other delivery facility service and JanSan suppliers that charge based on a predicted fixed weekly or monthly usage frequency, we do regular on-site inventory checks, set agreed upon inventory levels for supplies, and only invoice for items delivered to maintain those levels. You always have needed cleaning and sanitation supplies on the shelf with zero stock management efforts. Our VMI approach is usage-based and you only pay for supplies as you need them.

Floor Mat Service

Employee rolls out clean floor mat
Floor mats service includes hygienic laundering, pickup and delivery.

UniFirst floor mat rental services make an attractive first impression for customers and keep floors clean and dry with zero maintenance. Compared to buying mats and trying clean them yourself, our turnkey floor mat rental laundry service saves time, reduces maintenance costs, and helps prevent slips and falls.

Janitorial supplies

Cleaning and disinfecting janitorial supplies.
Vendor managed inventory for janitorial supplies includes delivery.

You could stock up on large amounts of business cleaning and disinfectant supplies and commercial cleaning equipment, outlaying cash up front for something you may not use right away, or you can rely on our vendor managed inventory service and let us check and manage your janitorial supplies and cleaning tools inventory.

Restroom services

Clean and sanitary restroom.
Restroom services include dispensers, installation and vendor managed inventory.

For commercial enterprises that need to ensure restrooms are fully stocked with soaps, paper towels and toilet paper while reducing waste and consumption, our restroom paper and soap dispenser services with managed inventory eliminate unnecessary checks for supply levels or emergency trips to the big box store. Get zero dispenser maintenance and lower janitorial labor costs with our managed restroom dispense and replenish service programs.

Floor mops service

Dry mopping with fresh mop head.
Mops service includes hygienic laundering, pickup and delivery.

For janitorial and housekeeping operations that regularly require a clean supply of commercial grade wet, dry, or microfiber mops, our mop delivery service includes regular laundering and delivery of fresh mop heads. We maintain your specified inventory and replace all worn-out items automatically, so you never run out.

Towel service

Cleaning towels and cloths.
Towels service includes hygienic laundering, pickup and delivery.

For auto mechanics, manufacturers, and food and beverage operators that require an uninterrupted supply of clean specialty towels, our towel laundering and delivery service means you’ll never run out. No more staff hoarding in anticipation of towel scarcity. Our locked towel management cabinets help control inventory and reduce shrinkage.

Cleaning chemical solution dispensing service

Cleaning solutions dispensing services.
Cleaning chemicals service includes vendor managed inventory.

When janitorial and sanitation teams switch from purchasing ready-to-use cleaning agents to our cleaning chemical dilution and dispensing service, the savings are dramatic. Our professional wall-mounted systems dilute concentrated cleaning chemicals, degreasers, and sanitizers with precision, and vendor managed inventory with regular in-person checks means you’ll never run out and you only pay for what you need.

Customer service is local

Our local service and operations teams work in unison to manage your Facility Service Programs at the highest levels of service and responsiveness. If you ever need to speak with someone about your service, please call (800) 455-7654 or request customer service online.

Customize a facility service program for your company

Browse our online catalog and choose from facility service products, safety apparel and PPE, and uniforms. Conveniently customize a facility service program quote for your company. Get started now!

Starting a UniFirst Facility Service Program is easy.  Call (800) 455-7654 to speak with a Facility Services expert.


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