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The UniSafe® Service from UniFirst is designed to minimize cross-contamination risks associated with food industry workwear.

Work garments worn by food industry employees need to be maintained, processed, and managed effectively so they do not become a potential source for food contamination.

To address this critical issue, we've developed UniSafe® Service for food-related operations, a specialized garment safety program designed to minimize cross-contamination risks associated with workwear for the food industry.

Minimize food safety risks

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PPP Flow Chart (click for larger image)

The UniFirst UniSafe® Service program includes a portal-to-portal process called the Product Protection Process (PPP). The PPP begins at customer facilities and extends throughout all garment handling, processing, laundering, and finishing procedures, allowing UniFirst to deliver hygienically clean garments to food handling employees on a regular schedule. The PPP is based on the principles set forth in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) application guidelines, and it identifies and helps mitigate safety risks that could potentially occur during the laundering process. With UniSafe® Service, all garments are sorted, washed, finished, and poly-bagged (optional) following UniSafe® Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). This proprietary program has been instituted at all UniFirst servicing plants, and UniFirst personnel involved receive proper “HACCP/GFSI” training. The steps of UniFirst's Product Protection Process (PPP) are identified in the flow chart above.


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Food Product Safety
White Paper

UniFirst UniSafe® Service and Product Protection Process: Workwear Solutions for Food Product Safety

Laboratory tests indicate that UniFirst UniSafe® Service and Product Protection Process (PPP) for food‐related businesses reduces bacterial contamination levels on workwear by >99.9999%.

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