Armorex FR® Flame Resistant Clothing

Proven protection, everyday comfort for your company FRC program

Worker dressed in Armorex FR arc-rated Flame Resistant FR Shirt, protective gloves, and hard hat
Armorex FR® arc-rated Flame Resistant work clothing feels like every-day work clothing.

Armorex FR® brand Flame Resistant (FR) clothing helps protect workers from debilitating burns, yet feels like everyday work clothing.

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UniFirst Armorex FR® Flame Resistant clothing is manufactured in our own ISO 9001-certified facilities and can help you comply with the personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements outlined in NFPA 70E, 2112, 2113, 45 and 652, as well as various OSHA requirements and CSA Z462. You may also choose FR clothing (FRC) from other leading suppliers like Bulwark®, Wrangler® FR, and Workrite®.

  • FR work shirts
  • FR pants and jeans
  • FR coveralls
  • FR jackets
  • FRC with reflective striping

Armorex FR® arc-rated workwear comes in the most innovative and proven FR clothing fabrics available, including:

  • UltraSoft® (cotton blend) from Westex by Milliken
  • Tecasafe® Plus from TenCate
  • CXP® from Westex by Milliken
  • Nomex® III A from DuPont
  • 100% Cotton FR Denim

Protecting Your Workers with Flame Resistant Clothing (FRC)


Flame Resistant clothing with reflective striping

UniFirst also offers a line of Armorex FR® Flame Resistant clothing with enhanced visibility reflective striping (3M Scotchlite ) for employees who work on or near roadways, in proximity to moving vehicles, or in outdoor/indoor environments where their movements might be camouflaged by nature or low-light conditions.

Customize FR shirts with your company identity

All of our FR shirts, coveralls, and jackets can be personalized with employee names and customized with your company name or logo to create a more professional look.

Rent, lease, or buy your FR clothing

You can rent, lease, or buy UniFirst uniforms, workwear, industrial clothing, protective apparel, and more using a value-based program solution that fits your budget. And with our coast-to-coast service capabilities, we can meet all your uniform needs no matter the size of your company or where your facilities are located.

For more information about our FR clothing programs, please fill out the form or call (800) 455-7654.


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