Automatic Repairs and Replacements

10-point inspections help keep your garments looking good

Tailor mending uniforms
Our automatic mending system takes care of repairs before you have to ask.

Our Automatic Mend System includes a comprehensive, 10-point inspection of every garment every time it's processed, helping to ensure that needed repairs are taken care of before you ever have to ask.

We back up this proactive maintenance process with our wearer communication system, which provides your business with service request tags, allowing your employees to easily communicate any special garment repair needs for our immediate attention.

Automatic uniform replacement

Ripped, worn-out shirt and replacement shirt
We monitor and automatically replace uniforms that become overly worn out.

With our system, we conduct an overall inspection of your garments on a weekly basis and automatically replace them when they become so worn as to impact either their appearance or function. And we ensure that those replaced uniforms come complete with fresh identification tapes and emblems.

Ensuring a consistent, superior image

Running a successful business requires paying attention to many details, but there's no reason that one of those details has to be monitoring the condition of the uniforms your employees wear. Our mending, tagging, and replacing services are aimed at providing you with peace of mind that your employees will always project a superior image.

Our proactive Automatic Mend System is just one of the many unique benefits that make up The UniFirst Difference.

Experience “The UniFirst Difference” for yourself by filling out the form or by calling (800) 455-7654.


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Uniform Rental Programs

UniFirst full-service Uniform Rental programs enhance your business image at the very best value. There’s no upfront investment, and you get comprehensive service and hassle-free employee uniform management.

  • Choose from over 40,000 SKUs
  • Individual sizing and fitting
  • Scheduled pickup and delivery
  • Hygienic laundering
  • Free shirt pressing
  • Automatic repairs and replacements
  • Emblems and embroidery
  • Computerized tracking
  • Easy-to-read invoicing
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